Monday, September 29, 2008

To duplicate or not

Does your upline tell you your efforts must be duplicatable? If you can’t duplicate your efforts for 100 people, then you should rethink your strategy. I agree with this statement. Well, at least most of it.

It is important to have parts of your business that can be duplicated by your organization. Duplication is important in any network marketing business, but don’t let it stop you from exploring other options.

I will give you an example. When I began my network marketing career, my children were ages 1, 3 and 9. I had a full time Corporate America job, so I worked 40 plus hours per week.

Now, could I duplicate the efforts of someone who worked their network marketing business full time and didn’t have those time constraints? No, of course not. My time was much more limited. So, I had to find avenues which worked for me. I had to leverage my time. And I had to turn outside of my upline to figure out how to do just that.

Another example. Because I had a good full time income, I had a budget from day one for advertising and marketing. Is that always the case for people who start out? Of course not. Some have a budget, some don’t. There’s a great saying. What you lack in money, make up in time.

As a network marketing coach and trainer, I explored many things. Some worked and some didn’t. But I knew if I was going to be successful, I needed to have a “buffet” of ideas to pass down to my organization. Building on a budget is important, but everyone’s budget is different. And if you are going to succeed as a leader in this industry, you must have ideas that fit.

So, be careful about duplication. Yes, duplicate any areas you can, especially in the beginning. But don’t be scared to explore other ideas and options. When you look at successful MLM leaders, each of them found success, but in different ways.

BELIEVE Success!

Lisa Willard

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