Thursday, September 25, 2008

Three keys to MLM Leadership

As a MLM Leader, you will always have drive and ambition. And probably more so than most of the people in your organization. The old saying, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink” is so true. Building a MLM organization takes patience.

Some people will take action and some will not. For those who don’t take action, still love them for who they are but spend your time with those that share your take action spirit.

Network within your network. Successful MLM leaders have learned to intervene in their lower levels to ensure their organization keeps growing. When you recruit an energetic and talented leader, do you stop there? You shouldn’t. Begin forming leaders with their leaders. Go out of your way to build relationships further down the chain of command. Work with them and help grow their organization.

Follow up is key. Instead of pressuring your prospect to join you, be available. Refer him to third party resources, such as books, videos, and websites that will bring value, answer questions and reveal the power of the Network Marketing industry. Stay in touch with your prospect. You never know where it will lead or who he will lead you to.

Partner Up! Did you know married couples not only live longer, but also succeed more readily in business? So, what does this mean to you as a network marketer? Partner your people. Yes, a husband/wife team is great. But, many times you have one person on board. Choose a running mate. Everyone needs a running mate, someone to encourage them, counsel them and communicate with them.

BELIEVE Success!

Lisa Willard

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