Monday, February 25, 2008

How build a successful MLM team through duplication

All it takes is three, five or seven people or whatever the magical number is. What magical number did your upline tell you? All you need is five good people and your business will explode and will take on a life of its own. Is this really true? Of course it isn’t.

It doesn’t take five, ten, or even fifty. It takes hundreds of people before your business will take on a life of its own.

But what about duplication? Isn’t that what every MLM company teaches. Don’t get me wrong, it does happen, but you most provide your organization with the right skills, resources and marketing tools. And you must have a flow of prospects. If you provide these, you will get duplication.

Build your business as if duplication won’t happen. You are in control of your business. Don’t sponsor 10,15, 20 people and then fall back into management mode. The simple truth is – not everyone is going to duplicate your efforts.

Now, if you provide your organization with the tools, resources and management skills they need, duplication will increase.

You need to bring in enough people personally to make sure you get those partners that will hit the ground running and build on their own. Remember, this isn’t a cookie cutter business. Treat each prospect as an individual. Every person is unique and looking for different solutions.

The more people you sponsor, the faster you will see growth and the quicker your business will be where you want it to be.

If you continue to recruit and develop as a leader, you will attract leaders.

Become an expert. An expert that others seek out and want to follow. How can you become an expert if you aren’t continually in the action?

Your organization will see your actions and want to follow and duplicate your efforts. The bottom line is become an expert and a leader. You will attract leaders. Leaders that
will follow in your footsteps.

Monday, February 11, 2008

The best kept secret in Network Marketing

It’s probably one of the best secrets in the Network Marketing industry today. But is it really a secret? It’s something we all should know. But sad to say, it remains a large secret to the majority of our industry.

A prospect that comes to you is substantially more valuable than any prospect you could ever approach.

There is so much difference between the two, there is no comparison. One of the reasons so many fail in our industry is because they are approaching prospects that don’t need or want our services or product in the first place. Friends, family, and the average Joe on the street doesn’t care what we are selling or doing. They do not need or want our product or need our service.

The truth of the matter is you can continue to force your message upon people and you may find an interested prospect here and there. But who wants to make 200 dials just to find 5 warm bodies to talk to. There are so many different approaches and techniques that you can master, but continuing to talk to prospects, that do not have any interest in you, your product or service will lead to network marketing frustration.

Find people that are already sold on your idea. People are looking for solutions. People are looking for someone to help them. It may be someone drowning in debt. It may be someone ready to get out of the rat race. If they continue down the same path, it will never change.

So, where do you find these people and how do you get them to come to you?

Good question. Develop an online presence. Be a person that can be trusted. Be a person that brings value to your prospect. This won’t happen over night, but in time you will be known as someone who can lead others to success. Through time and consistency, you will develop relationships and relationships lead to partnerships.

Take the time to listen to your prospect and find out what it is they really want. Invest in them. Spend time listening and discovering their wants and needs. When you can do this, When you can help them find answers, success and partnerships will come easily.

Start developing your online presence today and watch your network marketing business grow.

BELIEVE Success!

Lisa Willard