Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The right way to network online

Online forums are a great way to network and build a presence online. But there are some guidelines that need to be followed. It's only effective if it's done the right way.
Follow these simple steps to ensure your are making a positive impression.

1. Make a good signature. Almost all panels allow you to add a signature line. Make it compelling, but not too salesy. It should peak the reader's interest. Use your personal URL in the sig. This is where you want your readers to go. It allows you to sell yourself. Avoid direct affiliate links. Most forums do not allow them.

2. Always offer answers to questions. Add valuable information to other threads. Avoid blatant advertising and spamming. It will not get you anywhere. Actually, it will have negative affects.

3. Post questions and information that requires feedback. It's always great to get a good discussion going. Forum interaction is the best way to network.

4. Subscribe to the message so you know when a comment is made. You can then comment again and it will put the message at the top of the forum. Just make sure your posts contribute.

5. Never poke or put someone down on forums. You can disagree, but do it with style. Remember, information stays on the Internet for a long time.

Keep it positive. Add value to the conversation and brand yourself. It works for me. It will work for you too.

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Monday, April 28, 2008

Stop! Step away from your computer!

Stop, step away from your computer and take the time to write down your goals. Using the internet as a tool for your network marketing business is great. But make sure it doesn't become a distraction.

With so much information out there, it's simple to get lost in cyberspace. Don't do it.

Grab a piece of paper. Write down your goals and then an action plan to achieve those. It's important to stay focused and know why you chose your Network Marketing business.

The internet is powerful and it can be a distraction. Don't let it be. Use it to your advantage. Know your goals and your action plan and stick with it.

If you take the time to prepare and know your plan, it will help you stay focused and consistent.

BELIEVE Success!


Friday, April 25, 2008

Building your MLM business online

Can you build a Network Marketing business online? Yes, you can. I have built 99% of my MLM business online. The Internet is a powerful tool when used properly.

What are the keys to building a successful Network Marketing business online? Be consistent. Stay focused and committed.

When I first began my MLM business, I approached family and friends. After all, the ones closest to you deserve to know about your business. I didn't force it upon anyone. I wanted to simply let them know what I was doing.

My main goal though - finding other people like me. And the Internet was helped me do just that. I wanted to find others that were truly interested in being successful at home.

And that is what the Internet helped me do.

Below is a step by step process to get you started building your MLM online. Remember, Rome wasn't built in a day. But if you follow these steps, continue to learn, success will come.

To start creating freedom and fortunes online visit

BELIEVE Success!

Lisa Willard

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The perfect MLM pay plan

What is the perfect pay plan? Although there isn't the perfect pay plan, there are some things to look for.

1. How quickly do new people rise up in the rankings? A good comp plan should make it possible for people to make at least a little money in the first month.

2. Many people work this industry part time, at least in the beginning. So, how many people working part time are making decent money?

3. How long have the top leaders been in that position? A good pay plan doesn't make top leaders continually re-qualify for their position. Of course, A good leader will consistently work and lead by example.

4. How often is the company changing the pay plan? Bad sign. If the company is consistently making changes, run the other way or at least proceed with caution. Especially if the changes make it harder to advance or make money.

There is not perfect pay plan. When it comes to the pay plan it does depend on you. There are lots of creative and great ways to pay distributors.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Another Network Marketing Secret

Do you Squidoo? Do you know how to build a lens? If you answer is no. You need to find out more about Squidoo.

It's another form of a webpage. And Google loves Squidoo. You can actually build a lens (webpage) in a matter of hours.

Pick a topic that interests you. Target a few keywords and begin writing about your passion.

Visit to look at my latest lens.

Squidoo will walk you through the step by step process. It's fun and it's rewarding.

Begin your lens today.

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Friday, April 18, 2008

MLM Master, Richard Brooke's Recorded call

Richard Brooke, MLM Master is a Network Marketing icon. Listen to some of his training and what he has to say about the Network Marketing industry. It might surprise you.

http://mlmmakesmoney. com/mlm-training-calls. html


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5 proven killer copywrite openings

In Network Marketing, writing sells, promotes and creates traffic. Daniel Levis of shares proven killer openings.

Strategy 1 – You have a choice

With the “you have a choice” opening, the idea is to quickly remind your prospect about the thing that’s keeping him up at night, and instantly empower him to choose a much more desirable alternative.

“You have a choice. You can continue to be disappointed with the results you’re getting from action x, or you can take action y, and get these much better results.”
Here’s how it works …

In the first few paragraphs, you tell your prospect why option y is so much more desirable than option x, but you don’t tell him exactly what option y is. You describe certain facets of it, and its benefits, but you don’t name it.

Then you compare and contrast the impacts of action x versus action y on your prospect’s life, building desire for option y, and curiosity about what it might be. “Instead of [undesirable outcome], you can be enjoying [desirable outcome].” You just list them off one by one.

Strategy #2 – The Genie Within You.

“The genie within you” opening says your prospect already possesses everything he needs to obtain the object of his dreams. It’s latent within him, untapped, and waiting to be released.
It is a powerful opening because it appeals strongly to your prospect’s ego.

First, you refute common wisdom that says the object of his desire is difficult to achieve.
Next you empower him with the knowledge that he already possesses everything he needs to succeed.

Then you simply list the benefits available to him if he could just unleash the power within.

Strategy #3 – Do you know this?

This third strategy is a wonderful method of getting immediate involvement from your prospects. It actually forces them to admit they need your information product.

Here’s how it works.

You begin with a series of questions, the answers to which should be known by your prospect, IF he or she has the knowledge they need to achieve the results they’re looking for. If they don’t know the answers, the only logical conclusion they can make is that they need your product.
Then you describe the specific problem your prospect is facing, and present your solution.

Strategy #4 – Winner/Loser

Of course, no discussion of how to get your copy started should exclude the classic winner/loser approach. It’s a natural envy stimulator. And envy is a highly actionable and useful emotion in selling.

Strategy #5 – Let me tell you the story.

Of course, the best way to suck readers into your copy is with a good story. Facts tell and stories sell. People love stories.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

6 ways to increase website traffic

6 ways to increase website traffic

1- Add pages regularly. The search engines love activity on your web site. Add a new page to your site or write to your blog several times a week. This will help improve your ranking with the search engines.

2- Article Marketing is a great avenue and is one of my favorites. The average clickthrough rate of articles is 10%. (with PPC and traditional advertising, the CTR is only 4% to 5% on the average.)

3- Participate in high-traffic discussion forums. Create a forum signature that is catchy and draws attention. Post every day.

4- Submitting a video can be extremely powerful and help you get free traffic to your website very fast. YouTube is an excellent resource.

5- Put an e-mail signature with your web site address at the end of every e-mail you send.

6- Create a report or an ezine to give you for free when people go to your website. Make sure your URL is prominent throughout your report or program so that when people pass it around, you get some traffic.

The key is to be consistent. Do these activities consistently and traffic will follow.

Monday, April 14, 2008

How to choose the right MLM

Network Marketing or MLM marketing systems are a dime a dozen. With so many marketing systems out there how do you choose which one to use? Many new network marketers or even seasoned veterans who have until this point been using old school methods with the names list, 3 foot rule, and cold market prospecting are coming online and finding it a nightmare. If you have been trying to run your network marketing business online at all you know what I’m talking about. So how do you choose a good MLM Leads marketing system?

A good network marketing business building system should have four key ingredients

1. A definite laid out plan of action!
2. It should be able to leverage your time!
3. Your marketing system should be monetized!
4. Someone should be there to teach you the ropes!

Friday, April 11, 2008

The inside secret to WHY Network Marketing will always work

Jose Valentin of shared this recently. Read, take it to heart, and believe that you ARE in the right place. ========

Some people believe that network marketing really doesn't work. To put it lightly, they're WRONG. I am going to take the next few minutes to explain to you why network marketing will always work so that the next time someone takes the time to tell you that network marketing doesn't work you explain to them how misinformed they truly are.

Here is why Network Marketing will ALWAYS work:Even in a strong economy people will ALWAYS need supplemental income:The truth is most people live pay check to pay check. They aren't able to buy the nice things that they want for themselves and their families.

There is and will always be a constant DEMAND for more money. Network marketing is a simple, part time and a low risk way for full time workers to fill this need.

To put it simply, as long as people need money network marketing will ALWAYS be there to fill that need.

People will ALWAYS want freedom from jobs they don't enjoy: Despite what you may think, there are people out there that truly don't enjoy their job.

They go to work because they have to and not because they want to.

Network marketing offers a promise of true financial freedom. The ability to leave the 9 to 5 working world.

This freedom will ALWAYS be to tempting to pass up. People will ALWAYS want more free time to do with as they please. Did you know in a past poll conducted by Money magazine that 64% of American men and 68% of American women polled said that if they had a choice between more money and more time off they would choose the time? People covet their free time.

Network marketing offers the promise of working from home and making your own hours. Again, the opportunity to create free time will ALWAYS draw people to network marketing.

Conclusion:As long as people crave time, money and freedom network marketing will ALWAYS exist. The next time that someone tries to tell you that network marketing doesn't work you know that they couldn't be more wrong.

All you have to is ask your accuser 1 of 3 questions: Do you want more money? Do you want freedom from your job? Do you want more time? I guarantee they will answer yes to one of these questions. When they do they will have proved exactly why network marketing will always work!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Does your belief hold you back?

"Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve." Napolean Hill.

This statement is so true. Like it or not, that's what's so.

In any and every situation there are only two ways to go: Believe you can or believe you can't.

Either way, you're right, and both ways… You will achieve ONLY what you believe.

Look at your life right now… That's what you have believed up til now. Don't like what you've got? Change your beliefs. It's the only way.

Your beliefs fuel your energy. So, fuel yourself with positive energy.

It's so empowering to BELIEVE.

Do this a simple exercise for the next 30 days. Each day right down 10 successes for that day. These can be small successes or big successes.

Taking a shower, getting the kids off to school are all successes. Right them down and begin the process now.

Empower yourself with your beliefs. Fear holds people back. Don't be one of them

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Do people really fail at MLM?

Statiscally speaking yes. When you look at the number of people that fail vs the number of people that succeed, this is a factual statement.

But what makes MLM any different from others things that people try?
People that want to play professional sports fail.People that want to lose weight fail.People that start a business fail.People that start an exercise plan fail.
So while people do fail at MLM, people also fail at other things.
So, if a person goes on a diet and exercise plan and they aren't successful.
Does that mean that the whole fitness and diet industry is flawed? Of course not.

Now, if someone goes through a MLM training program and doesn't succeed, then the training could be flawed. But it doesn't mean the entire industry is.
Another claim - The odds of making big money in MLM are low.

When you are pursuing a dream , the odds of success has nothing to do with whether you succeed or not.
If someone wants something, they never look at the odds. Anyone who achieves anything worthwhile actually beats the odds. Be one of them.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

How to write an effective article

Article writing is an effective form of marketing your business if done correctly. It’s another great tool to use to build an online presence.

The first tip to remember is it must be a good article. Your articles must have good content. I love the phrase “Content is key.” This is so true. Bring value to your readers. Your article needs to deliver information that will allow your reader to visualize the outcome and take action. Find a unique angle, a good hook, and develop a conversation with your reader.

Write articles in conversational mode is a great tip. Connect with the conversation that is already running in their mind. Complete every thought for your prospect. Build trust and respect. Get in touch with their passion.

Be able to pass the “so what” test. Provide benefits to your reader. A good example is Now you will be able to write an effective article. Now you will be able to increase your sales………….If your article writing doesn’t pass the “so what” test, go back and tweak it.

Every word has to earn its keep, especially your headlines. The language can’t be boring and stiff. You aren’t trying to win awards. You are trying to make money. Keep it exciting.

Keep it simple. Write in a simple language. You want your articles to be full of information and content, but in a language that the average person can understand.

Did you know what the most important word in article writing is? You. Yes, the most effective and important word in writing any article is you. Appear at all times as if you are on the reader’s side. You are their advocate.

What at about Search Engines? Yes, you will want to integrate key words in your article writing. But always write for the HUMAN first. Writing articles can be fun and a large part of your business, but you want your readers to read it from start to finish. If an article is stuffed with keywords, but has no HUMAN interest, it’s useless

Effective Article Marketing requires a few good keywords and key phrases. These words and phrases should be relevant to the topic, and the article context. These keywords and key phrases must appear seamlessly in the article, and not disrupt the natural flow of the content.

Don’t think you can write? Yes, you can. The most important step to article writing is to get started.