Thursday, April 3, 2008

Do people really fail at MLM?

Statiscally speaking yes. When you look at the number of people that fail vs the number of people that succeed, this is a factual statement.

But what makes MLM any different from others things that people try?
People that want to play professional sports fail.People that want to lose weight fail.People that start a business fail.People that start an exercise plan fail.
So while people do fail at MLM, people also fail at other things.
So, if a person goes on a diet and exercise plan and they aren't successful.
Does that mean that the whole fitness and diet industry is flawed? Of course not.

Now, if someone goes through a MLM training program and doesn't succeed, then the training could be flawed. But it doesn't mean the entire industry is.
Another claim - The odds of making big money in MLM are low.

When you are pursuing a dream , the odds of success has nothing to do with whether you succeed or not.
If someone wants something, they never look at the odds. Anyone who achieves anything worthwhile actually beats the odds. Be one of them.

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Andrew McMahon said...

Great post;
That's exactly what my thinking is.

People always fail at lots of things; but it's the way people market in mlms that made the public perception of mlms like a scam.

If people actually learn how to market themselves professionally, than their business and the perception will disappear.

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