Wednesday, April 16, 2008

6 ways to increase website traffic

6 ways to increase website traffic

1- Add pages regularly. The search engines love activity on your web site. Add a new page to your site or write to your blog several times a week. This will help improve your ranking with the search engines.

2- Article Marketing is a great avenue and is one of my favorites. The average clickthrough rate of articles is 10%. (with PPC and traditional advertising, the CTR is only 4% to 5% on the average.)

3- Participate in high-traffic discussion forums. Create a forum signature that is catchy and draws attention. Post every day.

4- Submitting a video can be extremely powerful and help you get free traffic to your website very fast. YouTube is an excellent resource.

5- Put an e-mail signature with your web site address at the end of every e-mail you send.

6- Create a report or an ezine to give you for free when people go to your website. Make sure your URL is prominent throughout your report or program so that when people pass it around, you get some traffic.

The key is to be consistent. Do these activities consistently and traffic will follow.

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Theresa Waller said...

Hi Lisa. My name is Theresa Waller. I'm also a mom and a network marketer. This post is excellent. These are proven high traffic techniques.

You have a lot to offer.