Monday, November 26, 2007

Effective advertising on a low cost budget

Effective advertising on a low cost budget.

Many people begin their network marketing career with a low cost budget. So, what type of publicity can you get when funds are low and you need to keep your costs in check? The following are some ideas that you can incorporate, whether you are just beginning your network marketing business or if you are a veteran network marketer.

Submit “Letters to the Editor”. There are newspapers, magazines, online ezines and websites that accept and publish “Letters to the Editor.” In addition, webmasters are generally looking for solid testimonials that they can use on their website. Take the time to read a few publications or visit a few websites and notify the publisher of your thoughts. You could find your comments being published in all sorts of locations.

Write press releases. I have received some great exposure from these. Submit your press releases to your local and surrounding newspapers and let people know about the latest news in your network marketing business.
Check out There are great tips on how to write a good PR as well as post it on their site for free.

Submit articles. There are many ezines and websites to submit your articles to. The key to writing a successful article is content. Make sure it is informative and adds value to the reader. Resource and tip oriented articles do well. Submit your articles to publishers and webmasters that you know....PLUS to article directories where publishers and webmasters go for content. Remember, just one ezine could reach thousands of potential prospects.

Blogs. Another great place to have your articles published is blogs. Search engines spider blogs more frequently than regular sites. The more your article is picked up around the net the more incoming links will show up to your sites with the SEs. This does wonders for your PR (page rank) and ultimately traffic to your website, which is what network marketing, is all about.
Join a civic group or volunteer at a local charity function. Creating an identity with your community can be very valuable. How about your team volunteering? Have signs, t-shirts, something that says who you are. Be sure to network, create visibility and have fun while you network.

Post to free classified ad websites. There are many of these, but the key is

Safelists is another avenue. Be consistent in your posting. Join 5-10 safelists
and post consistently and see what happens.

Conduct low or no cost seminars. If you share information that can bring value to others, you can then share your products and service at the conclusion of your workshop, seminar or open house. Creating relationships and bringing valuable information can get the relationship building process started.

Get involved with discussion groups and forums. Bring value and content once again to your readers. These are not meant to be blasted with ads. Find your niche and your interests and then become a “go to” person.

10. Use three lines. The most effective method of creating publicity starts with
Three lines

Your Name
Your Business Name
Your Domain Name

Use these three lines with every message, email, letter that you send out.

During your network marketing career, you never know where your next prospect might come from, so take the time to try some of these avenues. You might just find more and more traffic coming from places you never thought about.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Ten steps to building a successful MLM business

The Internet is definitely the wave of the future. Dot-com fever is every where, and it seems that there is no cure. Fortunes are being made online and you want to stake your claim.
Here are a few key points to keep in mind as you develop and build your business –

1. Focus on the knowledge that you already have. Every web site, newsletter and online venture needs to have a Unique Selling Proposition or USP. This is something that sets you apart from the rest. Everyone has knowledge between their ears that is different and unique. Use it. Be willing to go the extra mile to make your product stand out. To further develop this, find other web sites and newsletters that are similar to yours. Study these and brainstorm about what appeals to you, and what you can do that is different.

Make sure your site is not another copy-cat web site. Nothing is worse than seeing the same information over and over again on many web sites. If you are offering Affiliate Programs, that’s great. But, develop your own sales letter and testimonials. Don’t just slap up a banner and hope it will make you millions.

Avoid constantly comparing yourself to others. Everyone comes to the table with different experiences, education, ideas, etc. If you are just getting started, you must realize that it will take time and many fine-tunings before you get your site, newsletter and product line just the way you want it. This is just part of the process.

View everything you do through the eyes of your potential customer. Make it about THEM, and not about you. Use the word "you" at least three times more than you use the word "I". Believe it or not, people don’t really care about you and what you have done. Turn your knowledge and experience into information that relates to them.

Tell people who you are, provide them with contact information and don’t be anonymous. Your picture should be on your web site, as well as where you are located, a phone number and valid email address. You don’t need to list your home address, but give them an idea of where you live. There is nothing worse than a web site promising you overnight riches with no contact information. I don’t know about you, but to me, this screams "SCAM" very loudly.

Automate your business as much as possible from the very beginning. Use autoresponders to provide highly requested information about your product or service. Autoresponders are also a great way to follow up and stay current with people that have expressed an interest in your offer. Most people do not buy on the first visit. Studies show that it takes 7 to 9 exposures before most people buy. If you give up too early, you’ll miss the pot of gold at the end of the web!

Use common business etiquette and manners. Avoid the use of slang. Remember, the World Wide Web is just that – world wide. You will never alienate an audience by using a professional tone, but you might if you get too casual. Other than blatant spam, answer emails, even if it is a brief acknowledgment. You never know when you will interact with someone again, so treat each person as your most valued customer. They might be!

Ask questions of others! Successful people love to offer help and advice. There are bulletin boards all over the Internet where you can post messages looking for help on a particular topic whether it’s how to design something into your site, where to get a merchant account or something else. If you don’t ask, you’ll never know. I learned through my first business project that people are successful for a reason. One reason is that they didn’t try to re-invent the wheel. If I can’t find the answer on my own, I’m the first one to post a message or send an email to someone that I think might have the answer. Try it! The responses and offers of help I have received from Internet millionaires are amazing.

Online marketing is great, but don’t forget to market your business offline as well. Every time you give someone cash, write a check or give your credit card, include a business card with it. Tell people about your online business and ask them to spread the word. Word of mouth advertising is better than any other form. Press releases, offline classifieds and traditional methods of advertising are important to your online business.

Build relationships and use networking skills online. Visit bulletin boards and newsgroups and offer real help and assistance. Don’t spam these places, but use a signature line promoting your business, if it is acceptable. If you are legitimate, people will remember you and it could be worth gold to you in the future.

I hope these tips will help you. The most important thing is to just get started. Don’t wait until you feel everything is perfect. It won’t be. It never is. You will probably make thousands of changes. Everyone does! When you are changing, you are growing and your business will, too!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Recruting Tips

In Network Marketing, the “on the beach” money is made by recruiting and coaching others to duplicate your efforts.

You can find people who are interested everywhere.

Learn how to develop business partners from –

Your warm market
Out and About
Networking and local events
Home Parties
Shows, Booths and Expos

Develop Your Story and Hot Button

The first step in effective sponsoring starts with developing your story and then leading with it when you get into conversation with others. Remember, stories sell, and facts and figures just tell.

Timing is everything.

Even if you think a person would be perfect for your business, if the timing isn’t right, it won’t be a fit.

That doesn’t mean it won’t be a fit in the future. If you handle the situation correctly, it could be the right time in the future.

Separate yourself from the outcome

This isn’t about you. It is about the person you are talking with.

Ask questions and LISTEN. These are a sample of questions to ask.

What are you looking for specifically?
What other businesses have you looked at?
Have you ever owned your own business or worked from home before?
How much time will you devote to your business?
How much of a financial investment are you willing to make?
What are you expectations in me as a partner?
What attracted you to my company or to me?

Create Curiosity
Drop bits and pieces of information. If your prospect is truly interested, he or she will ask questions about the details. Remember, that little is more.

Build trust

Be real! If you are passionate about what you do, your prospects will hear that. Be sincere and be honest. If you build your team with honesty, integrity and offer valuable information, you can change your business and YOUR LIFE!