Thursday, January 29, 2009

Reasons to start a home business

Reasons to start a home MLM Business

Three years ago, when I started looking into a home business, it was for supplemental income. I had a Corporate America job that paid well, I enjoyed it and was rather content.

But I thought an extra $500-$1000 per month of “play” money would really help our family. So, I started exploring my options. And about six months later, I joined my first network marketing company.

And three years later, I’m not only enjoying a really nice supplemental income; I’m working towards replacing a Corporate America income.

The road hasn’t always been easy. Balancing a FT job, three children, a husband and a PT MLM business is challenging. But it is worth it. When I’m asked why I do it? I want FREEDOM. I want time freedom, financial freedom and the ability to “own” my time. Now, someone else owns me 40+ hours per week.

Have you ever thought about starting a home business? If so, what are your reasons? Is it…

1. Set your own hours
2. Supplemental income
3. Replacement income
4. Financial freedom
5. Be your own boss
6. Fire your boss
7. Tax benefits

There are so many different reasons to start a home MLM business. And there’s not better time than NOW. If you want to read more about the MLM industry, feel free to visit my website at

BELIEVE Success!

Lisa Willard

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Network Marketing vs. Corporate America

This past week, I was in Tucson, AZ with my Corporate America job. Yes, I'm a network marketer who is working towards a life of freedom while maintaining my Corporate status.

Although I enjoy my Corporate America position,(actually what I love about my position is the other people I get to associate with and network with. Maybe that's why my true passion is network marketing) my passion is network marketing and empowering others to design their future.

As I sat through meetings and social events with other Key Account Managers this past week, it was a true eye opener. I talked with so many veterans of this industry. Many of them have been in the industry for 20, 25, 30, 35 years. And each of them spoke about the times we are facing. Two industry leaders didn't make it because the week before they were laid off. And a third one, who was there just went through structural organization and he is not sure about his future as well. And once again, these are leaders who have been in the Corporate world for 25 plus years.

As I listened, talked and networked, I was thankful for the path I have chosen. Although I do not have complete control over my Corporate America path, I know that I do have control over my Network Marketing journey. I have chosen to design my future and to take control of it.

So, my question to you is....What are you doing to prepare for the future? Are you designing your future? Or are you letting your future design you? What is holding you back?

With so many lay offs, corporate reorganizations, and downsizing, people are looking for the network marketing industry. This is an exceptional time to take hold of what we have and empower others to gain control over their future.

People are looking for help. Be the one who gives it!

BELIEVE Success!

Lisa Willard

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Am I a failure as a MLM Leader?

The past couple of weeks our team has been discussing how to motive and push your team forward. Do you find yourself asking the question, “What is wrong with me?” “Why isn’t my team taking action and moving forward?” “Am I failing as a leader?”

I have blogged about inspiring vs. motivating before. And bottom line, being motivated is something that comes within. Yes, as team leaders, we may be able to motivate someone short term. But long term, no way.

The fact is many people you will sponsor may not ever take one action step. Some will be customers, some will quit and a few will run with it. So, you have to be careful about being bogged down with people that just do not commit.

There are people out there looking for you. People that will commit, take action and move forward.

One of my first steps I include to my new partners is a coaching form. I ask each new partner to fill it out and email it back to me asap. Do you think everyone fills it out and sends it back? Of course not. But, most that have, are the ones that continue to move forward, take action and to grow their business.

So, don’t beat yourself up and feel that you are doing something wrong. If someone isn’t taking action, you can still be there for them. Answer their questions, include them on your email list. But don’t feel like you have failed as a leader. You haven’t. You have to be careful to not get bogged down because you don’t want to miss those who are “searching” for YOU. They are out there, just waiting for you.

BELIEVE Success!

Lisa Willard

Monday, January 12, 2009

Overcoming Network Marketing Obstacles

My 12 year old son is a sports fanatic. Instead of watching movies, cartoons or anything else, when he sits down and turns the television on, ESPN is the first thing that comes on. And he loves it all. From baseball, to Nascar, to basketball to football, he can carry on an adult conversation about the rules, the regulations, the players and how each of these teams are performing.

And to top it off, he loves to play sports. And although he’s not a real big guy, he doesn’t let his size stop him from excelling. He uses his strengths such as his speed and his smart decisions to his advantage.

Two years ago he decided he wanted to take his baseball game to another level. One of his goals is to play sports some day at the college level (at the very minimum). And with his size, he figures baseball might be his ticket. We live in a very small, rural community in Oklahoma and he has participated in our summer league program since he was four.

Hanging with his friends was always fun, but he always had a burning desire to get better. Competitive by nature, he wanted to learn, improve his game and meet new challenges. So, when he expressed an interest of finding a more competitive league, I knew as a parent, I had to do my part. He was willing to step out of his comfort zone and go 8 other boys who shared his passion.

To sum it up, two years later, he is playing with one of the top teams in the country. His first spring and summer he played with a AA team and was quite successful and the following fall he was “recruited” by a “major” coach. Yes, at the age of 11 he was recruited.

The biggest change for him, he is no longer the big fish in a small pond. His teammates are equally as good, some are better, but it has pushed him to improve and shown him if you want to succeed, it takes commitment, focus and consistent hard work.

And he met some obstacles along the way. His majors team is made up of players from all over our state. Our practices are about 100 miles from our home town. So, there is sacrifice from all sides. And we travel to many states from March to the end of July to find other teams to compete with.

And yes, when he decided to step outside of the box, there was ridicule, some hard feelings and many who said we were crazy. His friends didn’t understand and gave him a hard time. Parents didn’t understand why he wasn’t playing with the local summer league team. Even family members just “didn’t get it” and some still don’t.

As a parent, it has been one of the best decisions we have ever made. My 12 year old son has made some life long friends. Some of his “best” friends are his baseball bros. He has learned how to win gracefully and lose with dignity. He has learned that success doesn’t’ always come easy. He has learned that being coachable and teachable is one of the keys to success. And the time we have spent as a family traveling to and from practice, to and from games has brought our family closer.

So, what does this have to do with Network Marketing? The journey is so similar. People will ridicule you. People will think you are making a mistake. Challenges will occur and obstacles will be placed in front of you.

But your focus, and your desire to succeed will allow you to over come those. Don’t let anyone stand in your way or steal your dreams. When the road gets tough, surround yourself with like-minded people and those that understand your desire.

If a 12 year old can do it, so can you!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Be a Network Marketing Magnet

I mentioned in my last blog that I was currently reading the Go-Giver by Bob Burg and John David Mann. I haven’t always been an advocate of self development. And I sure wish I would have listened to how important it is when I first began my Network Marketing journey. Lots of frustration and hard times could have been avoided.

This year, I have increased my commitment to this part of my life. Self development has always been a weekly activity. This year, it’s a daily activity. And yes, it might just be 5 minutes, but I have made the commitment because it such an important part of not only my business, but my personal and social life.

I find myself applying so many of the things I have learned every single day. And it has made a difference in my marriage, my role as a mother and friend. It really has transformed my way of thinking and acting.

The last chapter I read in the Go-Giver talked about putting others first. Yes, we have all heard it before. But I want you to really think about it. Put other people’s interests first and your interests will be taken care of. The network marketing industry is about helping people and helping achieve what they want.

And as you begin to do this on a day to day basis, you will begin to grow a network –a network of people. Yes, many of these people will never buy from you or join you, but that is okay. But by serving others, you will become a magnet and attract those that are looking for you and your help.

Think about your current mentors in this industry. What attracted them to you? Didn’t they have a “magnetic” affect on you? Their willingness to help, share and to put you first, just pulled you in and made you hungry for their knowledge. Were they magnetizing? Yes, the people who have succeeded in this industry really are magnetic.

So, begin your magnetic process today! Put other’s interest first and see what happens.

BELIEVE Success!

Lisa Willard

Monday, January 5, 2009

The Laws of Stratospheric Success

I’ve been reading the Go-Giver by Bob Burg and John David Mann. The book discusses “The Laws of Stratospheric Success.”

As a home business owner and coach, the book has just opened my eyes even more about the Network Marketing Industry and it’s worth to so many people. The book discusses the laws of stratospheric success.

The first law – “Your true worth is determined by how much more you give in value than you take in payment.” But doing that doesn’t necessarily mean that the payment you receive will increase. The first law determines how valuable you are. It’s the second law that determines how much you actually earn.

So, what is the second law? It is, “Your income is determined by how many people you serve and how well you serve them.” Or to put it another way, your compensation is directly in proportion to how many lives you touch. And the best part is you are in control. If you want more success, simply find more people to serve. It’s quite simple when you look at it in these terms.

Three years ago, when I began my network marketing career, people would ask me about my business. I would tell them about the company, the products, etc. I really was missing the entire boat.

Now, my reply is much different. It’s simple, I’m in the business of helping people improve their lives. After all, our industry is all about adding value and helping others. Most people turn to our industry when a change is needed. Maybe they want out of Corporate America. Maybe they need supplement income. Maybe they are looking for a life change – freedom!

How many people are you going to serve today?

BELIEVE Success!

Lisa Willard

Friday, January 2, 2009

3 Distinct stages in your MLM business

We all have different products in each of our Network Marketing businesses. But, we all have one thing in common. Our REAL product is people. We must learn to deal with people and learn how to serve them.

Dave Calvert, one of my MLM mentors defines three distinct stages to this business. And how you perform in these areas will ultimately determine your success. I have used Dave’s stages and paraphrased each stage to help you better understand each of them.

Stage 1 - Personal development. We have talked about it before, but it truly is key to success in the MLM industry. It’s an ongoing daily process. One of the first things this industry taught me is there really is a powerful and positive way to look at every day life. I always thought I was a positive person and didn’t realize the negative thoughts I did have each day. The reality is with this industry, you do have the opportunity to have a life full of freedom, financially and personally. Each year, I have a budget set aside for self improvement. It’s a huge part of my life and business. And it should be yours too!

Stage 2 – Mastering Lead Generation. This is so vital to your MLM business. And it’s one that so many people just don’t get. Most MLM distributors expose their business to far too few people. You really need to learn about lead generation and be prepared to educate yourself how to generate your own leads. And this can be done offline, online or a combination of the two.

Stage 3 - Mastering distributor training and development. The real money in this business isn’t from sponsoring people, but keeping them and helping them move forward in their business.

Many distributors think once they sponsor someone their job is over. In reality, the work is just beginning. Get a game plan for each person, work closely with them and help them move forward.

Help your distributor establish their WHY. Why they are here and wanting their own business. Help them put together an “I’m in business” letter. Help them follow up with 10 of their top prospects. Bottom line is help them put together action steps to help them move forward. And this action plan should be duplicatable, so it can be passed down within your organization.

And if someone joins and then doesn’t take any of the recommended action steps, you must learn to accept it. One of the biggest mistakes I made early on in my Network Marketing career was pulling people along with me. I wanted their business to be a success more than they did. I was doing all the work. In the end, it was a total waste of time and energy. We all know when someone signs up with you, there is no guarantee they will make an effort.

As long as you have done everything you can do to help that person move forward, it helps you to not blame yourself. You can assist, help, and inspire others. But you can’t build it for them.