Saturday, January 24, 2009

Network Marketing vs. Corporate America

This past week, I was in Tucson, AZ with my Corporate America job. Yes, I'm a network marketer who is working towards a life of freedom while maintaining my Corporate status.

Although I enjoy my Corporate America position,(actually what I love about my position is the other people I get to associate with and network with. Maybe that's why my true passion is network marketing) my passion is network marketing and empowering others to design their future.

As I sat through meetings and social events with other Key Account Managers this past week, it was a true eye opener. I talked with so many veterans of this industry. Many of them have been in the industry for 20, 25, 30, 35 years. And each of them spoke about the times we are facing. Two industry leaders didn't make it because the week before they were laid off. And a third one, who was there just went through structural organization and he is not sure about his future as well. And once again, these are leaders who have been in the Corporate world for 25 plus years.

As I listened, talked and networked, I was thankful for the path I have chosen. Although I do not have complete control over my Corporate America path, I know that I do have control over my Network Marketing journey. I have chosen to design my future and to take control of it.

So, my question to you is....What are you doing to prepare for the future? Are you designing your future? Or are you letting your future design you? What is holding you back?

With so many lay offs, corporate reorganizations, and downsizing, people are looking for the network marketing industry. This is an exceptional time to take hold of what we have and empower others to gain control over their future.

People are looking for help. Be the one who gives it!

BELIEVE Success!

Lisa Willard

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