Friday, January 2, 2009

3 Distinct stages in your MLM business

We all have different products in each of our Network Marketing businesses. But, we all have one thing in common. Our REAL product is people. We must learn to deal with people and learn how to serve them.

Dave Calvert, one of my MLM mentors defines three distinct stages to this business. And how you perform in these areas will ultimately determine your success. I have used Dave’s stages and paraphrased each stage to help you better understand each of them.

Stage 1 - Personal development. We have talked about it before, but it truly is key to success in the MLM industry. It’s an ongoing daily process. One of the first things this industry taught me is there really is a powerful and positive way to look at every day life. I always thought I was a positive person and didn’t realize the negative thoughts I did have each day. The reality is with this industry, you do have the opportunity to have a life full of freedom, financially and personally. Each year, I have a budget set aside for self improvement. It’s a huge part of my life and business. And it should be yours too!

Stage 2 – Mastering Lead Generation. This is so vital to your MLM business. And it’s one that so many people just don’t get. Most MLM distributors expose their business to far too few people. You really need to learn about lead generation and be prepared to educate yourself how to generate your own leads. And this can be done offline, online or a combination of the two.

Stage 3 - Mastering distributor training and development. The real money in this business isn’t from sponsoring people, but keeping them and helping them move forward in their business.

Many distributors think once they sponsor someone their job is over. In reality, the work is just beginning. Get a game plan for each person, work closely with them and help them move forward.

Help your distributor establish their WHY. Why they are here and wanting their own business. Help them put together an “I’m in business” letter. Help them follow up with 10 of their top prospects. Bottom line is help them put together action steps to help them move forward. And this action plan should be duplicatable, so it can be passed down within your organization.

And if someone joins and then doesn’t take any of the recommended action steps, you must learn to accept it. One of the biggest mistakes I made early on in my Network Marketing career was pulling people along with me. I wanted their business to be a success more than they did. I was doing all the work. In the end, it was a total waste of time and energy. We all know when someone signs up with you, there is no guarantee they will make an effort.

As long as you have done everything you can do to help that person move forward, it helps you to not blame yourself. You can assist, help, and inspire others. But you can’t build it for them.

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