Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The perfect MLM pay plan

What is the perfect pay plan? Although there isn't the perfect pay plan, there are some things to look for.

1. How quickly do new people rise up in the rankings? A good comp plan should make it possible for people to make at least a little money in the first month.

2. Many people work this industry part time, at least in the beginning. So, how many people working part time are making decent money?

3. How long have the top leaders been in that position? A good pay plan doesn't make top leaders continually re-qualify for their position. Of course, A good leader will consistently work and lead by example.

4. How often is the company changing the pay plan? Bad sign. If the company is consistently making changes, run the other way or at least proceed with caution. Especially if the changes make it harder to advance or make money.

There is not perfect pay plan. When it comes to the pay plan it does depend on you. There are lots of creative and great ways to pay distributors.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting... I'd be interested to see what your comp plan consists of... Also I have a little story about a guy I'm currently helping.. It pertains to your blog.. If you're interested in it let me know..