Friday, April 18, 2008

5 proven killer copywrite openings

In Network Marketing, writing sells, promotes and creates traffic. Daniel Levis of shares proven killer openings.

Strategy 1 – You have a choice

With the “you have a choice” opening, the idea is to quickly remind your prospect about the thing that’s keeping him up at night, and instantly empower him to choose a much more desirable alternative.

“You have a choice. You can continue to be disappointed with the results you’re getting from action x, or you can take action y, and get these much better results.”
Here’s how it works …

In the first few paragraphs, you tell your prospect why option y is so much more desirable than option x, but you don’t tell him exactly what option y is. You describe certain facets of it, and its benefits, but you don’t name it.

Then you compare and contrast the impacts of action x versus action y on your prospect’s life, building desire for option y, and curiosity about what it might be. “Instead of [undesirable outcome], you can be enjoying [desirable outcome].” You just list them off one by one.

Strategy #2 – The Genie Within You.

“The genie within you” opening says your prospect already possesses everything he needs to obtain the object of his dreams. It’s latent within him, untapped, and waiting to be released.
It is a powerful opening because it appeals strongly to your prospect’s ego.

First, you refute common wisdom that says the object of his desire is difficult to achieve.
Next you empower him with the knowledge that he already possesses everything he needs to succeed.

Then you simply list the benefits available to him if he could just unleash the power within.

Strategy #3 – Do you know this?

This third strategy is a wonderful method of getting immediate involvement from your prospects. It actually forces them to admit they need your information product.

Here’s how it works.

You begin with a series of questions, the answers to which should be known by your prospect, IF he or she has the knowledge they need to achieve the results they’re looking for. If they don’t know the answers, the only logical conclusion they can make is that they need your product.
Then you describe the specific problem your prospect is facing, and present your solution.

Strategy #4 – Winner/Loser

Of course, no discussion of how to get your copy started should exclude the classic winner/loser approach. It’s a natural envy stimulator. And envy is a highly actionable and useful emotion in selling.

Strategy #5 – Let me tell you the story.

Of course, the best way to suck readers into your copy is with a good story. Facts tell and stories sell. People love stories.

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