Thursday, September 24, 2009

The first steps to creating success in your home business

Starting a home business is a big step and a defining moment. So beginning the right way is certainly important. It can be overwhelming and it can be a little scary. But having a plan in place right from the beginning can help you create success from early on. These steps can be applied to any new home business or one that you started years ago. Sometimes its important to go back to the basics and reevaluate.

1. Decide how you want to build your business. My home business gives you different options on how to build your business. Retailing, fundraising and team building are different ways to make money. You don't have to work all three areas. You can work one area or a combination of two or three. It's up to you. Ask yourself - How do I see myself having fun in this business. For me, I love retailing and team building. Retailing is fast and it's instant cash. And can be very profitable. Team building is my passion. I love helping others, coaching and training and building a team with like minded people.

2. Ask yourself - Why am I starting this business? Maybe it's because of your family, your children. Maybe you want to contribute to your household income or you want to stay connected with the professional world while having the flexibility. Whatever the reason is, remember that and keep it in your mind at all times. And remember as time goes on, your reasons may change.

3. Work on your mindset. Know that there will be challenges and obstacles. Ask your sponsor/team partner for a reading list. There are so many books and DVD's that will help you become the person who will attract others. Commit to personal development and mindset development for 30 minutes each day. Mindset is one of the "secrets" to success.

4. Set your financial goals. What do you want to make your first 30 days? Your first 3 months? Your first 6 months? 1 year? Write these goals down and then get with your sponsor and put together an action plan to accomplish these goals. Make a plan, and then work that plan.

5. Get Connected and Stay Connected. Sign up for company calls, webinars, and conference calls. Attend company trainings. Most companies offer a variety of training. Get on those calls and stay connected. You can learn so much from others in your company.

6. Be your best customer. Be a product of the product. Know the features and benefits of your products. Be a source of information about your products.

In the beginning and as you move forward with your business, it's important to "design" your business. Having a plan in place will help you move forward and create success. Stay connected with your mentor and your team. And celebrate your success along the way.

BELIEVE Success!

Lisa Willard

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