Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Direct Sales, MLM and Social Media

Most of you know, that when I began my "at home" business I focused more on the MLM/Network Marketing side of things vs.Direct Selling.

Growing a team, training, coaching has always been my passion. I really never considered myself a "party planner." But here lately, my company has really been focusing more on the "Direct Selling" side of things. And so far, I really like what I see. I mean let's face it. A large percentage of the people that I sponsor have an interest in retailing and making money right away.

My company is a "hybrid" mix of Retail/Direct sales with a MLM play plan that leads to long term residual income. Most party plan companies have monthly quotas, we do not. And our product line does create a 30-50% profit on retail sales. This is also a unique characteristic. And it's perfect retailers as well as someone who wants to build a passive, residual income.

So, how does Direct Sales, MLM and Social Media all tie together? It's simple. It must be used properly. And if it isn't, our industry is going to take a black eye. The MLM industry is already a little bruised. It just seems when you talk about MLM, Network Marketing you see the "get rick quick schemes" more and more.

Well, whether we consider ourselves MLMers or Direct Salers (I consider myself both), we must learn to use Social Media in the right way.

Social Media isn't going away. It is going to get bigger and bigger. So, start your education process today. Starting learning about relationship building, content sharing, and how to bring value to your audience. It's not about blasting your opportunity, your product or company. It's about relationships and bringing value!

I challege you to start today!

BELIEVE Success!

Lisa Willard

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