Thursday, September 3, 2009

Home Business Challenges - be prepared for them

In any home business, challenges and obstacles are going to arise. It’s just part of the journey and if we are prepared, it will be a bump in the road and nothing more.

So, let’s talk about those challenges so we are prepared when they come.

1. Distractions. Yes, they happen. It might be the phone ringing, the kids, or all the stuff in life that just happens. It’s true that life happens and can derail us from our actions. But think about the things that you can control. Have a specific plan each day and prioritize your daily goals. And commit to getting each one day, not matter what.

2. Disappointment. Sure, disappointment is going to happen from time to time. It might be a prospect that was excited to join and then didn’t. Or maybe you expected 15 people at a home party and only 2 showed up. Whatever the disappointment is, reflect on it for a few and then let it go. Don’t focus on it. Release it and move forward!

3. Delays. There are going to be delays in your business. You will set goals and you will come up short once in a while. Realize that is okay. And know that if you took the action steps necessary and you came up short, that goal is just around the corner. We are human and we are going to make mistakes. And sometimes things just don’t go the way they are planned. But it’s okay. If you plan to get it done today, then get it done. Don’t wait until tomorrow.

Remember, challenges and obstacles don’t mold us or our business. How we handle them does.

BELIEVE Success!

Lisa Willard

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Sofia Hogan said...

Success, success! I believe, I believe. Do it now, do it now. These are all little mantras I have in my head throughout the day Lisa.

Thanks for the article. I read articles like this to stay motivated.

Good Luck!

Sofia Hogan
twitter @sofiahogan