Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What is wrong with Network Marketing?

What is wrong with Network Marketing?

Did that get your attention? I hope so.

My answer - Nothing is wrong with Network Marketing. However, there is plenty wrong with some network marketers. Some don’t tell the truth. Some make empty promises. And some claim you can really get rich over night.

Network Marketing is my career choice and as a professional network marketer, it’s something I take very serious and am very passionate about.

Most people go to college for four years (minimum) to receive a degree to prepare for their future. I know I did. Well, doesn’t it make sense to invest time in your Network Marketing journey also?

Going into Network Marketing I knew I was going to have to study, learn, and be open to learning before I could make a full time income.

Yes, it’s a journey. And one that will have challenges and obstacles along the way.

Network Marketing is an option for anyone looking to commit and stay focused. It won't always be easy. It probably won’t happen quick. But if you commit to pursuing it just like a degree and take it one step further to getting a higher degree, you can have anything you want.

Success in any endeavor does take time and money. The Network Marketing industry isn’t any different. So, know this going into it and tell others the same. My rule of thumb is building a relationship based business without the hype.

Commit to yourself and others. Put your blinders on and take action.

BELIEVE Success!

Lisa Willard

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