Monday, October 13, 2008

Building your home business on a budget

As a home business owner and coach, I hear the question “How can I build my home business on my budget.” It’s a great question and one that many people need the answer to.

The good news - You can build a business on a budget, even if you have little or no budget. It's important to get the word out quickly to start producing a revenue stream. And once you are, you can begin setting aside a percentage for your business for your advertising, marketing, etc.

Here is my no cost/ low cost suggestions to help you get started.

1. Word of mouth is a great tool. Talk to your friends and family and let them know what you are doing. Ask them for referrals. Lifestyle your business. This means to meet new people as you are going about your daily routine.

2. Hand out Business Cards. Business cards are powerful. Carry them with you always. Stick them in your out going mail. Any time you exchange money, hand them a business card too.

3. Go to trade shows and expos. Trade shows and expos are great events to network. Get to know people, network and begin building relationships with other vendors and with those in attendance.

4. Email signature should be used each time you send an email. Every time you send an email attach a signature that will lead people to your website, blog, etc. People will click on your links and become curious.

5. Watch this video series. There is some great information here. When I first started, I wasn’t’ sure where to start. It gave me some great ideas to begin with.

6. Write articles and press releases. This is such a powerful way to gain exposure and position yourself as an expert in your industry.

7. Join networking groups offline and online. Offline networking groups like chambers of commerce’s are great groups to connect with. You will meet other business oriented people and expand your network of contacts. If you are interested in networking online, there are lots of great social forums available today. The key is to form relationship, don’t pownce your business and company on others.

8. Put a web decal on your car. When driving down the road, people will see your information.

9. Follow up with an auto-responder. An auto-responder is a great tool to have. Design a newsletter, and/or a follow-up series. An auto responder keeps you in front of your prospects for months to follow. Once they opt in, you can provide them valuable information and when the timing is right, they will contact you.

10. Market online. Take your methods online. Get involved in social networks; make a point to meet two new people a day. Build relationships and partnerships will follow.

BELIEVE Success!

Lisa Willard

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