Friday, May 16, 2008

Work smarter vs. harder

Learn to work smarter vs. harder

The first thing to do is prioritize. Spend time on activities that directly affect your bottom line.

There are a lot of activities that go into building a network
marketing business!

- Writing ads

- Placing ads

- Creating capture pages

- Calling leads

- Interviewing leads

- Contact management

- Scheduling follow ups

- 3-way calls with downline

- Mailing information

- Follow up calls

- Processing new orders and applications

- New distributor training and orientation

Now look at these activities. Which ones make you money?

Look through all of the activities above and ask yourself the following

Your guess it!

Processing customer orders and distributor applications.

It’s the only activity that makes you money, so it's the one activity
that should dominate your business building time.

If you only had two hours per day to build a business, how much money
would you be making if you spent all two hours processing new applications
and taking orders?

Now in order to take orders and build a downline consistently, three things
Need to be focused on.

1. Build a pipeline of prospects whom you consistently contact
over time. Contact them personally and then automate the follow up process.
This leverages your time.

2: You must build a relationship with those prospects. And you can do this
through technology such as an auto-responder and video.

3: You must effectively market your goods and services to those prospects,
and then sales are made and income is produced.

BELIEVE Success!


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