Wednesday, May 28, 2008

SBI has all the tools you need

SBI has all the tools you need!

We have talked about it before, but it’s so worth revisiting. SBI or Site Build is so value packed. It SBI offers so much more than just a way to build a website. It has so many different tools. And separately, these are worth thousands.

Here are some of the things that I love about SBI.

1. A complete package of software tools

2. You don't have to know HTML, FTP. It’s a simple point and click system. They have pre-designed templates to choose from if that’s the route you choose.

3. Domain name registration and ideas to help you choose the right one.

4. Keyword Brainstorming and research tools that are so useful. It really takes the guess work out of it.

5. Search Engine Optimization – SBI analyzes every page and tell you what you need to enhance and optimize each page.

6. Branded email accounts that match your domain

7. Blogging platform

8. Competition research tools. It tells you who your competition is and what they are saying.

9. Traffic stats that let you know where your traffic comes from

10. Traffic statistic and analysis tools - know WHERE your traffic comes from

11. How to monetize your website. Ways to make it profitable. Built in Autoresponder which will service some of your needs

12. Pay per Click research and bidding tools. REALLY helps in the process

13. Automatic Search Engine submission. SBI submits each page of your site to the search engines until they are indexed. Each time you make a change, it automatically submits your site. Traffic Central - in other words, what major methods are people using to find your site?

14. Form Builder, to create contact pages, polls, surveys, etc.

15. An action guide that leads you through the process step by step. Competition research tools

Yes, SBI has all of this. It’s truly a step by step guide.

Take a look for yourself and see what SBI is all about.

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