Tuesday, May 20, 2008

What is your Network Marketing Coach teaching you?

Do you have the right Network Marketing Coach?

Having the right Network Marketing Coach and Trainer is so important. Your MLM success really depends on it.

What should your business coach teach you?

The answer to this question can help you achieve success. Or you can waste tons of time, energy and money.

In my opinion, these teachings are valuable and are the difference between success and failure.

Ask yourself these questions.

Are you prospecting everyone within three feet of you or are you learning how to marketing and attract qualified leads to you?

Are you staying plugged in to company training and events? Are you focused on the true income producing activities? Do you target your niche?

Are you learning how to quality or disqualify your prospects through marketing or are you learning how to overcome objections? There’s a difference.

Are you equipped with the knowledge to become an independent leader and marketer? You must be able to train your own team.

Do you know how to monetize your marketing? Do you know how to create multiple streams of income? Or is the one check you receive from your company the only revenue stream?

Is the majority of your time spent with qualified prospects or do you spend most of your time trying to find qualified prospects and convincing them to join?

Do you have an internet presence? Is your target market finding you online?

If you have answered no to any of these questions, I encourage you to change that. The good news - You are not alone. I was once here too. But I decided to stop spinning my wheels and take action. You can learn these too.

The best part, your network marketing journey will be much more fun and profitable. If I can help you become more effective and make this business easier, let me know.

I value you and your feedback.

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woody said...

Nice post, thanks for sharing.. Will come back for more.... :-)