Sunday, May 4, 2008

3 things to attract customers and prospects

To attract customers and prospects you must have the following three things.

1. Point of attraction - You must have a personal website or at the very least a splash or capture page. This is where the prospect finds you on the Internet from content you've created or from the social networking sites you've visited.

2. Permission to contact - Your propsects fill out your capture page or your e-newsletter and are now on your "list." Your prospect has given you permission to contact them.

The third step is the most vital. You now have your prospects attention. You want to keep it. Pay attention, this last step is what will increase your business.

3. Bring Value. The key to marketing is bringing low cost or no cost value to your potential customers and prospects. Give them helpful information, tips and ideas. Set yourself apart from others. Build relationships. A no hype style marketing full of value will make you unique.

BELIEVE Success!


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