Wednesday, April 15, 2009

MLM in a soft economy

MLM in a soft economy? You bet! You can view MLM in an economic down turn in two ways.

You can either see it as an “extra” something to do and quit or you can seize the opportunity and take action.

The reality is the opportunity is the same for everyone. Just some run with it and some don’t.

Since, I‘ve been in this business, I have heard people say…….Yes, he was really lucky to start his business when he did. It was the perfect time.” Or “yes, she is just so lucky. She just lucked into her success.”

Well, honestly no one just lucks into anything. Success is earned. It’s about the commitment and willingness to see a job through.

It’s about focus, consistent action and about being willing to do what most won’t.

So, how will you react to the economy? It’s your choice.

My suggestion is get started today if you haven’t already. Put your blinders on and never look back.

BELIEVE Success!

Lisa Willard

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bobbyp said...

You're absolutely right. Economic turmoil will continue to boost the number of people interested in MLM and real opportunities still exist, even in these seemingly trying times.