Monday, April 6, 2009

Attraction Marketing

Several times each week I get a call or someone leaves me a message about joining their business.

Now, there are certainly right ways and the not so good ways to contact people.

I will give you a quick example. Recently, a woman called me that met me at a large trade show that I was present at. We connected that weekend and had some good talks and of course exchanged information.

So, she called to follow up to see if I might be open to the possibility of looking at another network marketing company.

Is this way of marketing yourself okay? Sure, it is. Is it the way I like to do business? Not really. I believe in marketing myself in such a way that people come to and find me through the Internet, advertising or even locally.

Another example – I receive messages every week about someone inquiring about my business. The message on my answering machine is usually something of this nature – “I read about your business online and I would like some more information.” So, of course I follow up. But then I found out, they want to sell me on their business.

I certainly do not agree with this type of marketing technique. It’s just not a straight forward approach. And I believe in being straight forward and honest from the beginning.

One of the biggest mistakes network marketers make is telling people how great their business or product is. And they do not spend enough time telling how it can make a difference in their life and how together it can be achieved.

Wouldn’t you rather be the hunted instead of the hunter?

The best thing is, you can achieve this for yourself. The techniques of Attraction marketing can be taught and it can help you begin your online business success.

Networking online and building a network marketing business online does work. Don’t let anyone tell you it won’t. I am proof that it works. You have to be willing to work it and it will work for you!

Are you ready to learn the step by step process of building a business online?

BELIEVE Success!

Lisa Willard

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Devon Brown said...

I get the people who just hand me their business card and says "Check out my opportunity!"
I'm appreciative, but I talk to those who I can/have built relationships with.
Nice post!