Friday, June 27, 2008

What? Your business requires a monthly autoship?

Most Network Marketing companies require a monthly autoship or some type of monthly commitment. When you are recruiting, and someone tells you they just can’t afford the monthly commitment, what should your response be?

I will give you an example. My company requires a $39.95 autoship per month. With tax included it’s about $44 per month. Now, like most businesses, I am receiving some product, a company website and some other perks with this autoship each month. In my opinion, it’s much more valuable than the $44.

If someone tells me they just can’t afford the monthly commitment, this is my response. “I’m a little confused Jane. Are you looking for a business or to just purchase products now and then?” This is a business, and if you are committed to it and work it as such, you will make much more than $44 per month. What income level are you wanting to make each month?


Jane, think about this. Most people go to a job for 8 hours each day to pay the bills. What if you worked this business eight hours per day? I’ve made several hundred dollars in one day many times just retailing our product.” And that took just a few hours.”

Now, if someone just absolutely doesn’t believe a monthly autoship will work for them. I usually just leave it alone. Their focus is on the $50 vs. I can do this. I can build this business and I can make it work. The mindset just isn’t there and the timing probably isn’t right for them to get started.

BELIEVE Success!


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