Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Don't waste your time with Internet Marketing

My friend, Michael Lemm with Freedom Fire Communications recommends the following powerful headline ideas.

Headlines are everything.....

Do you want your POST read? Do you want your article clicked on and read? Do you want your e-mail opened?

You better have a great headline ....

Here are some ideas to get your juices flowing and come up with headlines that fit "your" target:

[This info is from Michael Fortin, the Copy Doctor, awesome resource for anything “copy” related. Here he uses the power of emotion to draw readers in.....]

Curiosity - (”Revealed! Closely Guarded Secrets For …”)

Mystery - (”The Five Biggest Mistakes to Avoid By …”)

Fear - (”Over 98.4% of People End up Broke When …”)

Pain - (”Suffering From Needless Back Pain? Then …”)

Convenience - (”How to Increase Your Chances With …”)

Envy - (”How Fellow Marketer Pummels Competitors By …”)

Jealousy - (”They All Laughed When … Until I …”)

Sloth - (”Slash Your Learning Curve By 57% When …”)

Love, Lust - (”Make Her Fall in Love With You With …”)

Shock - (”Finally Exposed! Get The Dirty Truth On …”)

Greed - (”Boost Your Income By More Than 317% When …”)

Pride, Power, Ego - (”Make Fellow Workers Squirm With …”)

Assurance - (”… In Less Than 60 Days, Guaranteed!”)

Immortality - (”Reverse The Aging Process With …”)

Anger - (”Banks Are Ripping You Off! Here’s Why”)

Simply follow the thought process above .... fit an emotion with wording that captures that "feeling" in a way you're comfortable with. Don't forget to track and test your results too. You can always adjust the words a bit ... and target audience .... to better illicit the "reaction" you're looking for.

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