Monday, December 8, 2008

Can you motivate your MLM organization?

This is topic that any network marketer should really think about and understand. Really, can you motivate your organization? My simple answer is no, you can’t. Motivation comes within and is something each individual has the power to control.

In my early years of network marketing, I tried to motivate others and pulled many people along with me. Today, that has all changed. I wasted lots of time and energy on people who just weren’t motivated to take action and move forward.

Was it because their why wasn’t strong enough? Maybe or maybe not. Each individual has to answer that for themselves.

Now, even though I believe you can’t motivate others, I do believe you can inspire and empower others. There is a difference.

Inspiration is 'internal.' Inspiration is a way of looking at things in your life or business differently. It gives you the ability to take action and move forward with ease.

And one of the most inspiring actions is to lead by example. Show others how. Don’t’ just talk about it, but show others by taking action yourself.

If you are building a business or an organization of any sort, “inspire” others by doing what you teach.

BELIEVE Success!

Lisa Willard

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