Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What are your Single Daily Actions (SDA's)

Do you have a set schedule? Better yet, do you follow it?

Do you have a daily goal of how many prospects you are going to call each day? How many appointments will you make each day? How many people are you going to recruit each week. How many times will you present your opportunity?

Working your Network Marketing Business every day will lead to success.

You are in charge of your SDA’s. Plan your work and then work your plan. Only you can commit to it. Make a specific schedule so you know where your hours are going.

Take action and know that consistently working those SDA’s over and over will have tremendous results.

One of your SDA’s should be how many prospects will I contact today. It might be follow up phone calls, new prospect calls. How many catalogs am I sending out today? It can be various things. Just take action. And have fun!

Your SDA’s all relate to your income goals. Make sure they are aligned. Your goals and actions need to be in balance.

BELIEVE Success!


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