Friday, August 15, 2008

Do you Twitter?

Twitter is an online craze that is worth checking out. Meet people with the same interests, personal and business. Share your expertise and learn from others. Treat it like it’s your daily planner.

Here are a few tips to begin “tweeting.”

1. Sign up and follow as many people as you can find who share your common interests and goals.

2. Reply to "tweets" of others by clicking the reply arrow in their tweet box. Get a short conversation going about the topics that interest them. You'll see their Twitter ID with the @ sign in front of it. They will see your replies without already following you.

3. Tweet helpful information. Maybe you just posted a new blog or wrote a new Squidoo lens. Tweet about it. And feel free to “tweet” about personal stuff. Maybe you are at Cancun on the beach checking your email. “Tweet about it.”

4. Network with people that you can help. Provide value and helpful information. Give first and you will receive.

Twitter is fun, easy and it will boost your business.

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