Tuesday, August 19, 2008

As a Corporate America Employee, how do you find time to build a successful MLM Business

Last night I was interviewed on our company’s team call. As a FT Corporate America employee who is working to change that, many people ask how do you do it? How do you find the time to work FT, be a mom to three young children, a wife and run a successful and growing Network Marketing business?

My answer – Network Marketing is my passion. Lunch hours, breaks, evening hours and weekends are utilized to build my Network Marketing business. I love what I do and keeping focused on the big picture is important. Firing Corporate America gets closer every day. It’s a great feeling to take charge of your life and be in control of your final destination.

It’s important to focus on the success and not the challenges. Everyone in the network marketing industry has time constraints, challenges and even frustrations. But don’t spend your time focusing on the challenges. Take control of the activities you can. How many prospects will you call this week? How many follow ups will you make? How many business cards will you hand out? These activities are controlled by you and taking action each day will get you results.

Network Marketing is a journey. So, enjoy it. Each day, make the commitment to move your business forward. Take action towards your goals. Write them down, believe them, share them and reach them.

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