Thursday, July 24, 2008

You know what's funny?

Scott Rogers of recently sent this to me and I wanted to share it.

You know what's funny?


Yes, people are funny!

Let me explain.

Have you ever heard of the 80/20 rule?

Well, understanding this principle is critically important
to your success and expectations in the Network Marketing industry.

The fact is, even though most people are well-intentioned; you'll
find that many don't follow through on taking the proper action
to realize their dreams.

No matter what you do or how you do it, or what you say...

Some people who join you in your business will quit.

Most of the people in your downline will not have fantastic
results - even if you 'plug them in'.

Some people who say they will be your biggest business builders,
drop off the face of the earth within 3 months.

Some people who 'say' they will join your business, don't.

Some of your downline organization will be poor producers, but
high maintenance distributors.

Some of your people will think the grass is greener on the other
side - and drop out of your company to pursue the latest 'hot'
new thing.

Some people 'say' they want success, but don't want to put in the
proper consistent action to achieve it - then gripe when they don't
get the results they feel they should get (even when you have
given them access to EFFECTIVE training).

You get my point?!

Besides the lack of effective training - the only other thing that
contributes to people's lack of success; is THEMSELVES!

Did you know that about 20% of your people will produce about 80% of your downline
volume and inc*ome.
Some of your most successful downline members (or affiliates) will
be LOW maintenance, but HIGH production.

Some people will join your business without you even having to
explain much of anything - because they TRUST you.

About 80% of your own income will come from about 20% of your
actual activities.

Some of your people will take your advice and run with it, and
never complain or make excuses.

So, what's my point here??

Well, for one - you CANNOT control what people do or don't do.

Assuming you can, will only frustrate you and cause you to think
like a desperate sales person (which mostly causes failure).

Secondly, instead of trying to depend on every person that gets
involved with you to get the job done - simply go out and be the
BIGGEST producer YOURSELF (getting as many people attracted to
you as possible), then let the cream of the crop rise to the top;
and work with them.

You help everyone by making sure they have the proper education
and training available to them, but baby no one. The serious
ones will take your advice (if you yourself are getting it done),
and will not complain or make excuses - but rather provide proof
in the form of results.

Same in marketing:

Even if your marketing is really good, and you are providing great
relevant content - there will still be people who won't respond
to it.

BUT, don't worry about those people. Do your thing, and help those
who DO respond.

So, make sure you keep your expectations where they need to be; and
go out and be the producer you want YOUR people to be. Then work with
those who follow your lead and who DO the action necessary to get the
job done.

BELIEVE Success!


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