Friday, July 18, 2008

Make a MLM leadership commitment

I just finished reading Jan Ruhe’s book, MLM Nuts and Bolts. It’s a great book and a must read for anyone in the Network Marketing industry. Below are a few things that she says about MLM Leadership Commitment.

Be consistent. Make your decision and see it through.

Be prepared to do what most others in MLM are not. That is get on the telephone, meet with people, continue to improve yourself by attending personal growth and development seminars and conventions, for as long as it takes.

Before you make the commitment, you must be prepared to work.

Determine your level of interest in becoming a leader.

You might need to create the income necessary to commit to investing in your future. The fastest way to create the income, is to sell product and get others to sell product.

Have fun becoming a leader and have more fun watching others become leaders because of your contribution to them.

If you only look to your upline to put programs together for your team, then, of course, you are not the leader.

If you take off the first half of the year, you are not a leader.

If it’s time to make the commitment – just make it.

Make the commitment. Make it to yourself, your successline and your upline leader.

The first two to four weeks in the business are very important. Work very closely with your new recruits to provide the best leadership you can in the beginning.

There is no Get Rich Quick Way.

Search for others that can teach you want you want to learn. Be willing to pay for that knowledge.

You know you are a leader when you begin to recruit. sell, attend trainings, attend personal growth seminars, and begin to sell your successline and upline the books you are reading and audio cassettes you are listening to.

BELIEVE Success!


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