Monday, November 3, 2008

Working with MLM leads

When building a Network Marketing business, it’s important to learn about your prospects and truly understand the process of MLM leads.

How many times have you spoken to a lead and they are extremely interested? But then something happens and POOF. Yes, they have vanished into thin air. You call and leave a message or two and you can not get a hold of them.

Well, more than likely life happens and the timing just isn’t there. Think about the process you went through to get started. I know mine sure wasn’t over night. It’ was a process. I looked at Network Marketing opportunities for one year before I made a decision to move forward.

So, it really is about timing. Don’t take it personally and remember, life does happen and timing is everything.

Get to know your prospects and spend time asking questions and really finding out their why. Remember, it’s all about them, not about you. Spending time building a relationship with your MLM leads will go a long way. It will help you stand out from others they may be speaking with. When you can really find out a person’s wants and their why, you can then show how your business can help. Let them know what they can expect from you as a sponsor. Assure them they won’t be left alone when they join your team.

Follow up and have patience. Have you ever had someone call you day and night practically begging you to join their business? And did you just want to run in the other direction? Don’t be that person. Allow your prospects some space and time to make their decision and to ask questions.

The word “no” usually means not now. So, don’t let it steal your dreams. And when the timing is right, be there.

Remember, building a successful Network Marketing team is a process. Normally, it is a 2-5 year process. So, continue to invest in yourself. Develop yourself into a leader and commit to daily action and consistent steps. You will be glad you did.

BELIEVE Success!

Lisa Willard

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