Monday, January 4, 2010

Can you really use the Internet to build your business?

We've heard it all said.....explode your business online. You can make thousands online. Can it really be done? As a matter of fact it can. But before you take your business to the Internet, there's just a few things you need to know.

I took my business online about three years ago. And since that time, the Internet has grown, my business has grown and social media is at an all time high. And from everything I see and read, it will just keep growing.

It's important to realize there are many distractions as well as opportunity online. There so many training courses, training programs, etc. and they all promise to be better than the next. Now, don't get me wrong. I'm a big believer in training and have some affiliate programs I recommend highly. But you have to be careful and carefully select those that will help you develop yourself and your business.

Focus, focus and focus. Focus is so important when building an online business. Know your target market and focus on building and strengthening relationships with those people. Who cares if you have 3,000 followers on Facebook if only 10 of those care about you and what you are doing and saying.

Be sure you focus on branding "you." Yes, that's correct. Brand yourself and not your business and your company. Show people who you are and what you can offer as a partner and coach. People join people.

And remember, it takes time. It takes consistent effort and it takes rolling up your sleeves and putting in the time.

When some people think about building a business online, automation comes to mind. You can automate to an extent, but there is a time to make a personal contact. Pick up the phone and make that one on one contact. The "personal" touch can't be replaced by the Internet.

The Internet is full of opportunity. So embrace it, and be willing to grow as it grows.

BELIEVE Success!

Lisa Willard

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