Monday, November 9, 2009

"Make time" for your home business

When I first started looking into Network Marketing, one of the first questions asked to me was "how much spare time do you have?" My answer, " I don't have any spare time." And most of us don't have spare time. When I started my home business journey, my kids were ages 1,3 and 9 and I had a more than FT Corporate America job. So yes, my home business was something I had to make time for.

Whether you are devoting 5 hours per week or 40 hours per week to your business, make time! And do it consistently. Calendar in your time in each week. Plan ahead.

At the beginning of each week, it helps me to x off the "non negotiable" times. These are times when something is going on. It might include things such as church, kids activities, etc. These are time I know I can't work my business. So, I then schedule around those. That's certainly one of the advantages of a home business. Your hours can be flexible. Just make sure it's consistent.

Windshield time is great. I use commutes in the car for following up with leads, partners, etc. Or while I wait for my little girl at gymnasatics, I use that time to follow up with customers, prospects and team members. The point is you can squeeze in an hour here or an hour there if you are prepared.

Keep a planner. Know when company calls, conferences and events are scheduled. This will help you plan accordingly. If you are commiting x amount of time to your business, keep that commitment and it will pay off.

BELIEVE Success!

Lisa Willard

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