Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Staying positive and goal oriented in a bad economy

During times like these, it’s important to keep your goals close and to keep your thoughts and mindset positive. Whether your searching for your plan B or you already have it in the works, don’t let the economy or anything else for that matter get in your way.

Fear is the main factor that prevents people from embracing their dreams and moving forward, even in hard economic times. Yes, we all have challenges and obstacles, but don’t let it prevent you from thinking clearly and going after what you want.

Set Goals. Hold yourself accountable. Know where it is you want to go and know where you have been. If you need an accountability partner, get one. I personally think we all need one. Specify completion dates. Break it into daily, weekly, and monthly goals so you can better measure your progress.

Be willing to work hard. Know that success comes with hard work. Study those that have accomplished what you want. Duplicate what you can and along the way you will find what works for you. There’s something to be learned from everyone around us.

Keep a healthy balance. This may have been my most difficult task. As an employee of Corporate America while running a home business and the mom of three busy children, I forgot to take time for other things. I’ve learned from the past few years that maintaining a healthy balance is important and a necessity. You have to run your business. Don’t let it run you!

BELIEVE Success!

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